Porziuncola Farm

- St. Elizabeth, Jamaica -

Franciscan Ministries is a non-profit organization of the Franciscan Sisters in Kingston. It is dedicated to serving the poor, broken and marginalized, as well as caring for the environment and promoting justice and peace through community development.

Donated funds will be used to support the ongoing expenses related to the farm support and it's continued expansion, and meeting the needs of educating and providing medical assistance for the inner city poor. It costs the Franciscan Ministries in Kingston approximately $26,000 US dollars yearly to support the needs of the people they help.

All donations are processed through the St. Elizabeth Mission Society, a ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany (SEMS) and are eligible for tax deductions. Visit www.franciscanministriesja.org for more information. Click here to make a gift monetary donation with a credit card or mail a check to St. Elizabeth Mission Society, PO Box 86, Allegany, NY 14706 with Sister Grace's name in the memo field.

Make a Gift Donation

The farm is presently operating with no running water or electricity, so you can imagine the wish list is extensive. If you would like to help with something other than a monetary gift, our wish list is as follows:

  • tractor
  • water pumps
  • generator
  • honey house
  • a vehicle that can transport groups of people (mini-van or bus)

Wish List