Porziuncola Farm

- St. Elizabeth, Jamaica -

Beyond the bountiful beaches of Jamaica, it is well known that the harsh realities of poverty exist in the fabric of everyday life. The struggle can be overwhelming and at times impossible to overcome. However, in the midst of this seemingly hopeless feat, there is a life that is making a difference – Sister Grace Yap.

If you don’t personally know her, hopefully someday you will. Sister Grace, a Franciscan nun, is one of the reasons Jamaicans have so much hope. She started her ministry as a public school teacher and since then has spread her wings from the classrooms to building houses for the impoverished in the inner cities (of Trench Town, Mervilla, Ferry, Tivoli and Santa Cruz), hosting mission groups from abroad to perform necessary medical and dental surgeries, and her most recent project is developing Jamaica’s first completely organic farm – Porziuncola Farm.

Although Sister Grace gave up the sanctity of the classroom years ago, she never gave up teaching. Porziuncola Farms is her answer to empowering many of Jamaica’s youth, most who have no more than a 9th grade education, to attain a sustainable life skill. Located in the countryside of St. Elizabeth, Porziuncola Farms is a 61 acre property that hosts willing men and women and introduces them to an education of high quality farming. Presently only 3 acres of land have been developed as there is no running water or electricity… so help is needed.

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Porzincola Farm