Porziuncola Farm

- St. Elizabeth, Jamaica -

Something special is going on in St. Elizabeth that we'd like to celebrate and ask you to support... A Franciscan Nun, Sister Grace Yap, is educating young men and women about Organic Farming - on Jamaica's first full Organic Farm - it's hope. We invite you to learn about what she is doing and ask you to support these efforts.

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What we are doing?

What is Porziuncola?

Teaching local men and women how to create a sustainable self sufficient farm by growing local organic produce. We are farming:

  • honey
  • cassava
  • sorrel
  • scotch bonnet
  • okras
  • bananas
  • pumpkins

The word "Porziuncola" is an Italian word that means "a small portion of land."  Deeply tied to Catholic roots, the Porziuncola chapel is known to be where St. Francis found his vocation.

​Pronounced Por-zi-un-cola.